Zuckerberg Doesn’t Want To Change FB’s Live Video Streaming Feature

Zuckerberg Doesn't Want To Change FB's Live Video Streaming Feature

The live streaming facility of Facebook has received a lot of flak recently after it was used by terrorists in Christchurch, New Zealand to stream the deadly terror attack in two mosques there. Many wanted a change in this feature but the CEO and the maker of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has still shown reluctance to introduce any changes in it.

Facebook faced a lot of criticism as a video of the attack in which close to 50 people was killed was live streamed on the platform and a lot of people had access to it. While speaking to George Stephanopoulos, Zuckerberg admitted that artificial intelligence had failed to identify and filter out the video which had objectionable content and not flagged it. He also said that if there had been a delay in the broadcast of the stream, it could have been regulated better.

However, he believes that doing it without effect what live streaming actually means. The feature is broadly used by people to be at a birthday party which they can’t attend or hang out virtually with people. The best part about it also includes the fact that the interaction is bi-directional. People not only broadcast the video but also communicate through voice and comments. He showed a genuine reluctance in making any alterations in the feature but agreed that the AI needed a lot of work to be done to mitigate as much negativity from the platform as possible.

Zuckerberg also revealed that there has been a lot of change in the policies of the company and the ability to regulate objectionable content is a primary agenda for them. According to him, a lot of videos released by al-Qaeda and ISIS is picked up and removed by Facebook every day and they just need to be a little more proactive in their approach.

By Tracie Sellers

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