Women Under 50 With Sedentary Lifestyle At Higher Colorectal Cancer Risk

Women Under 50 With Sedentary Lifestyle At Higher Colorectal Cancer Risk

In a latest research study, it has been proved that young women who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to the dangers of getting colorectal cancer. Watching television for an hour or more tops the list of sedentary behaviourbehavior. The study which consisted of data from 90,000 American women under age of 50 years shows that watching TV for more than an hour puts you at a 12% risk of getting the fatal disease and for those who are viewing TV for more than 2 hours daily, the risk increases to 70%. The study was published in detail in the January edition of Cancer Spectrum journal.

The researchers collected the data of around 90,000 nurses who are in age group 25 to 42. They began the study in the year 1991 and tracked these women for the next 22 years. The result that was published shows their findings. It says that 118 women were found to be in the preliminary stages of colorectal cancer. They also found that rectal cancer was more common than colon one. Alarmingly, the numbers are on a constant increase in the percentage of colorectal cancer in the US and across the world as well. This disease seems to grip the young women less than 50 years more than their elder counterparts. These early stages although detected are found to spread at a rapid pace too whereas the older women do not have the same aggressive growth. This may be due to some difference in the molecular constituent of the illness.

The study says that an inactive lifestyle has become very common for most of the women and it is also not considered to be cause of any major illness and the research result will help in revealing this fact. The study has left message that we should be more active in our lifestyle as obesity is linked to many types of cancers and diabetes.

By Tracie Sellers

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