Verily Builds High Tech Rehab Center To Fight Opioid Crisis

Verily Builds High Tech Rehab Center To Fight Opioid Crisis

The life science division of Alphabet, known as Verily, is constructing a rehab campus focused on technology to fight opioid crisis in Dayton, Ohio. It will contribute to creation of OneFifteen, a non-profit organization, along with health networks Premier Health and Kettering Health Network. The campus is all set to have both outpatient and inpatient services and will be designed and developed by Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

Substance abuse cannot be cured by any single method. It requires all kinds of strategies ranging from drop-in meetings to intensive rehabilitation programs. Verily aims at understanding these methods to help addicts stay sober better. Danielle Schlosser of Verily says that they are trying to transform behavioral health and hopes that with such investments being made and initiatives being taken to and in this particular field, positive changes are most likely to be noted. At first, Verily will concentrate on understanding the methods that work inside the clinics. It will then track behaviors of patients when they move out of the clinics in order to see which methods stick. In order to do this, various means will be used which the patients will have to consent to, said Schlosser. She further explained that it can be thought of as a patient simply answering a survey or a more sophisticated and technologically delicate method of gaining insight into who the person actually is and what he is facing in his environment.

Samaritan Behavioral Health, Inc. will provide clinical care and Verily’s technology will be integrated into the facility in order to analyze and measure the effectiveness of interventions. While the full campus will likely be completed in 2020, OneFifteen will start seeing individuals for outpatient and inpatient care from 2019 spring. OneFifteen will be funded by Verily and its partners. In the future it plans on changing addiction treatment and payment methods of providers, said Marti Taylor, CEO of OneFifteen. He added that with access to data and a complete ecosystem, they will have better holistic understanding of inside and outside health of a person.

By Tracie Sellers

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