US Asks Friends To Fight China’s Huawei

US Asks Friends To Fight China's Huawei

Britain is faced with the crucial question of whether or not to risk its equation with Beijing in the process of agreeing to Donald Trump administration’s proposal to disbar Huawei in order to stop them from constructing next-generation phone networks and computers. The company is the leader in China’s telecommunications industry. Apart from Britain, various other U.S allies are also facing the same question.

For instance, Poland is under huge pressure from the U.S to ban Huawei from constructing its 5G or fifth generation network. The officials working under Trump have suggested that any future deployment of U.S troops would depend significantly on what path Poland chooses to take. This will include the prospect of establishing a permanent base named “Fort Trump” in the country.

Further, a delegation of U.S officials turned up in Germany last spring. The spot is of significance as it houses a majority of Europe’s gigantic fiber-optic line connections. Huawei intends to construct switches that cause this system hum. The message that they wanted to convey was that any economic advantage of using less costly Chinese telecom technology would be outweighed by the imminent security threat that would loom large on the NATO alliance.

In the last one year, America has been conducting a covert, occasionally threatening, worldwide campaign to ensure that Huawei as well as other Chinese companies are unable to participate in the sensational rebuilding of the very constituent which controls and regulates the internet since its inception 35 years back in the past.

The slow but steady transition to the revolutionary technology called 5G is already finding its feet in cities like Dallas and Atlanta. The technology is expected to be less evolutionary and more revolutionary. As per reports, the network is can be expected to be extremely fast and data will download nearly instantly, even if used over a cellphone network.

By George Montgomery

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