Thousands Of Boyardee Products Have Been Recalled For Some Reasons

Thousands Of Boyardee Products Have Been Recalled For Some Reasons


A company named Conagra Brands is reportedly recalling nearly 3,000 pounds of products that include rice as well as chicken products and this particular decision is said to be taken by the company because of some issues related to the products which include misbranding along with some allergens which are undeclared. The details about the same were given by the US Department of Agriculture recently to the media. As per the reports, because of these issues that are present in case of these products, the company has voluntarily decided to recall these before letting the situation go out of control.

These products are expected to contain certain things including wheat as well as milk, but there is no clear indication on the product label, as far as the inclusion of these ingredients is concerned, as per the reports obtained from the USDA, and this makes it quite a serious case. In addition to this, these products are said to be consisting of ravioli products as well, and despite that, the products have been labeled as rice and chicken by the company. The products were reportedly packaged and produced in the month of January this year.

The problem was discovered by the company soon after getting numerous complaints from the consumers related to the fact that some of the products were mislabeled and FSIS was then notified regarding the same. As of now, there have been no reports of any adverse reactions on the consumers after the consumption of these products, and the experts have told the general public that it is better to contact a healthcare provider as soon as they notice an illness. All the consumers who have these products are also asked to not consume them in any case and that they should return the products to the place of purchase.

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