Tax Related Scams Are On Record High And It Will Get Worse

Tax Related Scams Are On Record High And It Will Get Worse

Scams have increased by 242% in past few years. This information has been provided by FBI. Scams which fall under this category are extortions, like robotic calls asking people to pay taxes in the scammer accounts.

FBI has a unit which looks into online scams. This agency is known as Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Almost 51,146 people have complaint that money has been extorted by scammers. They have lost $83 million on these calls.

Steven D’Antuono, who is the section chief from FBI, informed it is not possible for the agency to arrest all the scammers. According to Steven, there are hundreds of con men in the country and so arresting all is an impossible task. He also informed that there were 5 robot calls made to him on Monday. These calls tried to extort money in form of taxes.

The scams are generally in the form of calls. The calls are made from IVR. A call is made to the victim’s mobile number. The victim is warned about the pending amount of taxes. If the victim calls back, the scammers try to convince the victim why it is required to pay the amount on an immediate basis.

The call back number which is provided to the victim is stated as an IRS number, while the number is actually of another scammer. The victim sends the money either online or via check. In case the victim is skeptical about sending money online, the scammers convince about payment through gift cards. The recent payment options also include payment in the form of bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency.

Criminals are earning thousands of dollars in a single transaction. For this reason, they have gotten extremely aggressive. In order to convince the victims, sometimes they even threat them that they will be coming home for arrest.

By Kimberly Dixon

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