SpaceX’s Vehicle Dragon Heads To The ISS—Report

SpaceX’s Vehicle Dragon Heads To The ISS—Report

The Company SpaceX launched its autonomously attached vehicle Dragon, this Saturday. It falls under the latest series of tests that were conducted by NASA to transport people to Space. This mission is set to be carrying about 90 kg supplies and a test dummy. If the vehicle gains approval, astronauts are set to be flying out in Dragon as early as July.

This Capsule had encountered a contact with the International Space Station at around 10:51 GMT. The vehicle was flying over an ocean near New Zealand, after which a successful touchdown was confirmed. This vehicle had approached a height of 250 miles from the test station and used its computers as a self guiding system. Astronauts in the space station closely watched the entire mission on HD cameras to point out any faults in the system. The vehicle approached the space station guiding itself through a serious of predetermined way points.  Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques, two astronauts present during the mission watched the entire flight through a window in the bay called the Cupola. They were given the autonomy to command the Dragon in every way possible during its flight, from launching to docking.

After a few sets of initial test runes the final approach was given a green signal. This attachment was made to a new type of Harmony Module from the ISS. This improvement involved a spring system that dampened the motion of the approaching vehicle. After this the vehicles is attached to a series of hooks eventually leading to a hard capture. This new technique of docking comes as a surprise from the SpaceX lab as the previous cargo ships had to pass through a series of robotic arm grappling before they could be actually placed in the right position.

The Dragon is estimated to lay in possession of ISS till Friday when it will eventually detach and begin its trip back to Earth. This phase of the mission is the most daunting according To Elon Musk.

By Tracie Sellers

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