SpaceX’s Starhopper Accomplished Its Debut Hop Test

SpaceX’s Starhopper Accomplished Its Debut Hop Test

These days, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has a lot of things on its plate right from the tests of its Crew Dragon spacecraft to the even liftoffs for commercial clients and the forthcoming second launch of the huge Falcon Heavy rocket. In spite of all that, the company is still taking huge efforts on its Starship program, which as per the company will result in a spacecraft that is proficient of traveling all over our solar system and perhaps even to the adjacent stars.

Currently, the complete version of the SpaceX’s starship doesn’t exist, but the company has created a small-scale version of the starship which it called the Starhopper. The starhopper has accomplished a major landmark. The spacecraft has executed its debut official hop test. Hop test includes the firing of the starhopper engines and taking-off its launch pad fleetingly as powerful tethers avoid it from hovering skyward. A hop test is completely different from a usual rocket launch. Starhopper is not yet set to head into space for a trip, but the company still requires testing of the craft’s engines and other important systems to understand how they react to the real-world strains. During the test, Starhopper was bound to its launch pad for the spell of the hop and Elon Musk added in a tweet that the starhopper has hit the tethering limit which clearly shows that the starhopper has executed what it was expected to do.

The company has not stated much about the debut hop test like how it went, but Musk noted that all the systems to be working. A standard version of the company’s Starship will not see in action for a while, but SpaceX’s smaller test vehicle will ultimately concrete the way for full-scale liftoffs. SpaceX has played big on Starship being the preferred vehicle for crewed missions to the Red planet and even beyond.

By John Laura

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