Space Simulation Dedicated To Nanosatellites Developed By Open Cosmos

Space Simulation Dedicated To Nanosatellites Developed By Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos, a pioneer partner, takes the development mission to a new level using a simulation similar to virtual reality that replicates space life for space technologies. The innovative combination of plug-and-play platform test software, the Harwell-based, UK SME reduces the duration to design and qualify space missions.

Its online software “beeApp” helps to describe the entire space mission from the base, comprising the satellite size, land stations, and selection of launchers. Based on these parameters, simulations are performed in the orbits, the amount of energy received from the sun by the satellite and the time it can communicate with the ground. This data is used to create the profile of an ideal mission.

Once decided, the “beeKit” equipment mimics the size, the on-board computer and the electrical interfaces of a real satellite, to facilitate the design and testing of real loads. When paired, these two utilities can simulate the performance of payloads and spatial missions.

Director of Growth for the UK Space Agency, Catherine Mealing-Jones said, “The UK is the largest funder of satellite research and applications through ESA, functioning closely with European and global partners to boost space, such as Open Cosmos and their thrilling ideas for generation of innovation, realities of business, creating jobs, growth in the UK.”

Remco Timmermans, chief communications officer at Open Cosmos said, “Open Cosmos allows new players to access space using new technologies in the shortest possible time we currently attend.” Earth observation, scientific tools, telecommunications or demonstrations of new technologies and can reach payload in orbit much slower than normal and at a fraction of the cost.

There is vast group of people with such determined ideas to travel to the orbit. Open Cosmos partners with such people to acknowledge their mission to space.ESA backed, The Open Cosmos Call to Orbit makes the beekit and beeApp accessible for free to follow the vision of crafting the missions of future.

By Kimberly Dixon

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