Soda Is Linked With 2 Types Of Cancer And Heart Problems, New Research Says

Soda Is Linked With 2 Types Of Cancer And Heart Problems, New Research Says

According to a new research from Harvard University says that, the more the consumption of soda, higher is the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and colon cancer. Reportedly, the study was printed in the journal American Heart Association which states that, soda is still and has always been a negative impact on people’s health in United States. Vasanti Malik, who is one of the lead authors of the study, told CNBC that the reality is really starting to emerge. There is a lot more even across these findings.

The most research is not definitive just as of nutrition science, since it is difficult to draw hard assumptions from work, which relies on people self-reporting their diets. Still, a fairly large sample of people has been provided by the Harvard study of nearly 37,716 men and 80,647 women, who reported the information between the years 1986-2014. Health of participates was followed by the study of the researchers for several decades. In that, how much amount of carbonated, sugar-sweetened beverages are consumed by people each week was being surveyed.

It was found by the researchers that, people who consume more sugar-sweetened drinks, counting soda were linked with a larger risk of primary death from heart disease, as compare to people who consume soda infrequently, people who consume more than two times a day had a 31 percent higher risk of primary death from heart health. 10% risk of heart risk was associated with people who had each serving per day, as stated by the study. As well as more consumption of soda was associated to a bigger risk of developing colon and breast cancers. The research performed the comparison between artificial sugar versus real sweetened sodas. So, as per the conclusions, replacing 1 serving of soda with real sugar was linked to a 4 percent lower mortality risk.

By Tracie Sellers

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