Raymond Nominated As US Space Commander By Trump

Raymond Nominated As US Space Commander By Trump

John W. “Jay” Raymond, General of Air Force was nominated on Tuesday to become the commander of the US Space Command by the President of US, Donald Trump.  This new combatant command would focus on war doctrine and space operations.

Currently Raymond is commander of Space Command of Air Force that is based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. If the Senate confirms him to run the US Space Command, he would be allowed to keep the title of Air Force Space Commander.

The Defense Department on December 18 was directed by the President Donald    Trump to create United States Space Command as a unified combatant command. He also asked the defense secretary to endorse officers for Senate confirmation and nomination. Raymond was considered for this position due to his experience in training, organizing and preparing space forces.

 From October 2016, Raymond was at the head of Air Force Space Command. Earlier he was working for the US Air Force as the deputy chief of staff for operations. He has worked in the Air Force for 34 years.

Presently the department of defense has with it 10 combatant commands and each command has a functional or geographic mission. The 11th one would be the US Space Command. The US used to have a space command from the year 1985 -2002. The command was disestablished and was undertaken by US Strategic Command during Bush administration. This was done to free resources so that they can create the Northern Command of US that will look after homeland defense.  Although not all leaders of DoD are in favor of setting up a Space Force as the military branch, all the officials have unanimously supported the re-establishment of the US space command as the country is facing a tough competition from Russia and China.

By John Laura

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