Possible Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer Identified By Researchers Of Utah

Possible Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer Identified By Researchers Of Utah

Gordon Chamberlain is a 66 years old patient suffering from pancreatic cancer, was told in the month of October that he can live for additional four more months from now on. According to him, side effects of chemotherapy turned out to be too much. His lungs and liver were already affected by the cancer, but as per researchers, an experimental treatment might be slowing it from spreading and extending life of Chamberlain. Gordon said that, this made him happy and excited as he was given an option, where there was not any at the first place.

Approximately after 5 months of that 4-month prognosis, he said that he feels like he has more energy, making him feel better physically as his appetite was back. All thank goes to Dr. Conan Kinsey of Huntsman Cancer Institute, who made a recent discovery for treating patients with pancreatic cancer and pancreatic tumors. According to him, this is one of the worst cancers, which they analyze and treat. He also added that, to speak the least, this is an extremely deadly disease, as 8% of diagnosed patients can only survive for five years.

With the help of experimentation, Kinsey discovered that, by the use of 2 pills, trametinib plus hydroxychloroquine, which are easily obtainable from 2 different classes of drugs, might impact the process potentially of abnormal cell division a development caused by a genetic alteration which leads to pancreatic cancer, and upsurges lifespan of a patient. Reportedly, the 1st patient on whom the cocktail of medications were tried lived for up to 8 long months as compare to than that of the chemotherapy and additional treatments. Eventually the patient ended up being dead but at least he was able to do that in the comfort zone, than being in the hospital all the time. Kinsey said that, he was able to do what he loved.

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