OSS Likely To Design Antennas For Satellite Radar System For The UK

OSS Likely To Design Antennas For Satellite Radar System For The UK

The Ministry of Defense or the MoD has decided to approach the OSS or Oxford Space Systems, which is a start-up, for designing the antennas dedicated to sovereign the satellite radar system. This start-up company has novel technology that complements the demand of the satellite while fitting into the budget, making it the best choice. It has antennas made with carbon fiber that can be fit into a constricted space but after it hits the orbit, it springs back to its original shape. This attribute, known as wrapped rib, will not only save the budget but will also contribute to space management.

The ministers from the department have kept their hopes high regarding the British aircraft’s constellation that is supposed to accumulate necessary information for the tactical and operational applications in the upcoming decade.

The CEO of OSS, Mike Lawton stated that the mechanism of wrapped rib can be compared to the measurement tape of a builder. The ribs are the carbon fiber that can be wrapped tightly into a limited space throughout the central hub. However, after it is deployed into its rightful position, it takes the original shape without investing any effort. In fact, this forms a strong backing structure that fulfills the activity with no trouble. This mechanism is termed as origami engineering.

This satellite can prove to be a powerful tool for the military personnel as the antennas transmit and receive through the inner structure the radar pulses. These pulses are used to monitor the surface of the planet without facing any hindrance from the clouds and have the potential to map the ground regardless of the amount of light available.

Presently, the UK is dependent on various commercial companies and other friendly sources to receive the pictures. However, this project will eradicate the need to take assistance from the miscellaneous sources.

By Kimberly Dixon

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