Optimism May Reduce Diabetes Risk In Postmenopausal Women

Optimism May Reduce Diabetes Risk In Postmenopausal Women

Diabetes is synonymous to silent killer that has the potential to sabotage the normal lifestyle and invite several other ailments. Hence, it is important to check the lifestyle from an early age to prevent the occurrence of the same. The scientists have found that a few factors can fuel the risk of getting affected with type 2 diabetes. These are diet, weight, and physical activity. However, these factors can be controlled or moderated as per the will but some other factors like age, ethnicity, and genes also spike the occurrence of diabetes, which can neither be controlled nor administered.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, psychology of a person also plays an important role in increasing the susceptibility to diabetes. One such mental condition is depressive symptom that strengthens the risks of type 2 diabetes and other factors. Also, the cynical hostility that is of self-reported category can contribute to the risks of diabetes.

Like the factors and lifestyle patterns that spike the risk of the type 2 diabetes, there are certain factors that can lower the risk of the same. However, the latter is not widely known to the people. Hence, the NAMS or North American Menopause Society has decided to get over the gaps of the research work by filling the blocks with positive character traits. The researchers have scrutinized the characteristics of the women who have achieved menopause to check whether or not optimism has a positive effect on the susceptibility to diabetes.

It was found that optimism can deplete the risks of susceptibility to type 2 diabetes by 12%, which is a significant discovery. The study was conducted over a span of 12 years that have proven that the women who have achieved menopause can reduce the risk of diabetes by living a positive lifestyle that is overwhelmed with optimism.

By Tracie Sellers

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