New Study Claims, Growth Of Neurons Is Never Stopped By The Human Brain

New Study Claims, Growth Of Neurons Is Never Stopped By The Human Brain

if new cells are produced by the memory center of human brain, it can aid people to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, deepen our understanding of epilepsy, delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and offer new insights into learning and memory. Since decades, scientists have been debating regarding whether the birth of neurogenesis, new neurons inside human brain was possible in a particular area of human brain, which is responsible for mood regulation, memory and learning. That might be possible was suggested by a growing body of research but then a lot of doubts were raised by a Nature paper previous year.

Now, recently a new research was published in the Nature Medicine journal showing green flag to the previous study. Jonas Frisen, said in an email, who was not a part of the study, according to him, there is an irresistible case for the neurogenesis during life in human beings. All were not convinced by the study. Arturo Alvrez-Buylla questioned the existence of neurogenesis, who was the senior author of Nature paper previous year. He is still doubting the birth of new neurons in the hippocampus of human brain later toddlerhood.

He said that, things are not settled out by this at all. He has been studying adult neurogenesis all his life. He wishes he could discover a place in human beings where it convincingly happens. It was thought by some researchers, for decades that the brain circuits of primates counting human beings might be also disturbed by the development of considerable numbers of new neurons. The debate will continue to occur over the presence of neurogenesis as per Alvarez-Buylla. He also added that, basic facts are important. A fascinating basic problem is just knowing whether adult neurons change to replaced. The new study was praised by a number of researchers as carefully conducted and thoughtful.


By Tracie Sellers

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