NASA looses Contact With 2 Mini Spacecrafts Over Mars

NASA looses Contact With 2 Mini Spacecrafts Over Mars

The InSight mission of NASA over Mars seems to be moving ahead swiftly as its robotic lander is striving hard to prepare itself to carry out research over the red planet. This research carried out by the robotic lander will reveal much more significant information than ever which will help the scientists to study the interiors of Mars more deeply. But what can be called as an unfortunate thing, 2 of the mini spacecrafts in the InSight mission that were tracking the landing of the rover have abruptly stopped responding to the base of NASA because of which the contact with both of them has temporarily stopped.

Making those satellites succeed in the mission was already a big challenge for the scientists from the beginning itself. The two mini satellites have been named EVE and Wall-E and are the part of MarCO. The tiny spacecraft named CubeSat has been developed to track down the position of InSight so that the scientists working on the landing to the rover on to the Mar’s surface could keep an eye on it. Even if their successful operation was a tough task for NASA, they were performing exceptionally well till now. But the abrupt stoppage in the working has raised concerns over their future operations as the scientists fear that they might not resume their working again.

However, this tiny spacecraft has never been used in the history for such kind of missions so the scientists were not sure that they will sustain the tough journey. The CubeSat has never been used for its operations this far. Despite the mid-way failure of those satellites, its working the in the journey so far has been incredible. This is considered to be a remarkable achievement for NASA.

By Kimberly Dixon

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