Local Politicians’ Resistance Puts Amazon’s New York Facility In Jeopardy

Local Politicians’ Resistance Puts Amazon’s New York Facility In Jeopardy

Amazon is currently in a huge dilemma about whether to start a new headquarter in New York City. Amazon had considered the city after looking at the business profit but since many of the local oppositions have currently pushed the massive tech company in such jeopardy that it thought of reconsidering its plan.

Actually, this plan could help employ 200 people in the city and this news spread like fire last year after the announcement made. The local politicians are worried about the money Amazon has asked for which could snatch almost all the cash from the hands of the community, which is the basic concern for the localities there. The tech company is currently thinking that if New York City politicians do not want it there then there is no harm in shifting the focus towards other welcoming nations like Virginia and Nashville. The attitude of Amazon has currently changed towards the project after the politicians’ opposition. Currently, the decision has not yet been made whether to continue the project in New York City or cancel it. Earlier, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio had all praises for Amazon for its decision of splitting the headquarters between Virginia and New York City owing to the future economic succession, increasing job opportunities, and development in the neighborhoods.

After the politicians and activists’ outcry on the new headquarters construction, everybody has questions regarding why such a valuable company like Amazon requires massive subsidies for building its infrastructure in Long Island City. The company has not yet brought any land or buildings for starting off with the current idea. Amazon is clear that if it does not get any monetary plan it could change its plan. In Virginia, the plan has already kicked off as the leaders there approved the incentive demand in order to retain the tech company there. The approval in case of New York will be given by 2020. Amazon is reconsidering New York plan. Google has already opened small facilities in the city with the exact same strategy which is what Amazon plans to follow now.

By George Montgomery

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