Lexus Reaches Record Sales In 2018, Exceeds 10 Million Mark

Lexus Reaches Record Sales In 2018, Exceeds 10 Million Mark

Lexus has announced the sale of its 10 million vehicles, a historic achievement that took place shortly after a strong commercial performance with the premium automaker in 2018 that has gained these already achieved sales targets worldwide.

In addition, the brand that introduced the first luxury electric hybrid vehicle in the world in 2005 and 11 electrified models offered worldwide, the brand of hybrid auto-loaders sold worldwide 1.45 Million. Sales of Lexus hybrid vehicles increased in 2018 by nearly 20% over the previous year, a result supported by the legacy of the electrification commitment of brand efforts to underscore this.

The brand announced today that 698,330 vehicles sold in the calendar year 2018, an increase of 4.5%, in contrast to 2017 which was 668 515 units. A wide range of luxury SUVs, such as the RX and NX models, the LC and LS main brand, as well as the new ES and the first UX, lead the overall luxury lifestyle brand to reach the sales year.

“Lexus continues to experience significant growth by expanding its presence in emerging markets and confirming its strength in established markets. The clear focus of the brand’s incredible products and the customer experience offered by the best merchants will offer support its growth for years, “said Lexus International president, Yoshihiro Sawa.

However, on the side, Lexus sales in the UK increased by more than 20% this year, according to the automaker, largely thanks to the launch of its compact SUV UX. This is part of a more ambitious goal to sell 20,000 cars by 2021, which is equivalent to one-fifth of Lexus’ 100,000 sales in Europe. Last year, the brand sold 12,405 units in the UK.

Ewan Shepherd, the British chief, said growth is expected to increase this year despite market conditions. “Regardless of the economy, people are moving toward hybrid and diesel, which enable us to organize our own destiny,” he said.

By George Montgomery

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