Layoff And Downsizing By PepsiCo Due To Its 2019 Project

Layoff And Downsizing By PepsiCo Due To Its 2019 Project

In a recently initiated four-year restructuring plan, PepsiCo has taken a huge step of laying off its employees that will probably cost the company a massive amount in the form of severance pay.

This week, PepsiCo has already warned its employees at various offices and headquarters in Texas, Plano, and New York with the fear of getting laid off. As per the information provided by two ex-employees of the company, who have recently been laid off, the identity of these two employees would not be revealed for speaking frankly without impacting their professional life.

The two employees informed Business Insider that few of the employees who were warned about layoffs will work for the company till the end of April, as they have to give proper training to their substitute employees.

Due to the company’s secret layoff planning, the employees were not clearly informed about the exact headcounts for the proposed layoffs by PepsiCo.

The company is expecting to generate a huge investment through the layoffs for its 2019 multimillion-dollar project.

Last week, PepsiCo revealed in documentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it is anticipated to sustain $2.5 Billion in pretax reformation expenses by the Year 2023, with 70% of charges associated with severance and other employee payments. PepsiCo is also planning to shut its plants.

The company declared in SEC filing that 2019 results would be probably impacted by approximately $800 Million of the $2.5 Billion, along with 2018 results that comprised $138 Million.

PepsiCo revealed the layoff plans in the month of February, by announcing the discharge of less than 1% of its currently present 110,000 employees.

PepsiCo also assured to spare $1 Billion every year over the Year 2023. Reformation and efficiency were hot topics in PepsiCo’s quarterly earnings conference with financiers.

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