Lawyer Reveals Bail Terms For Ghosn—Report

Lawyer Reveals Bail Terms For Ghosn—Report

While speaking to the press, the lawyer of Carlos Ghosn stated the terms which the ex- Nissan Chief has to undertake for securing his initial bail. The terms and conditions stated that the apartment of Ghosn has to be under strict surveillance, round the clock. The court has also given liberty to Ghosn so that he can use the solar computer as well as a mobile phone.

Last week the ex- Nissan Chief was taken into custody in Tokyo. At present, the court is putting him under trial for the financial misconducts. Previously, Mr. Carlos Ghosn was arrested as the company believes that he has profited himself by causing fraud in the company.

On March 6, 2019, Ghosn was released from custody after paying $9 million as a bail. Speaking to the press Carlos stated that the accusations made against him are baseless. After the court granted bail to Ghosn, he was advised not to leave the country without the consent of the authorities. Furthermore, the court has also advised Ghosn to keep a record of everyone he met, except his spouse and lawyer.

Back on Thursday, legal prosecutors of Tokyo had taken Mr. Ghosn into custody from his house on the allegations for misusing the funds of Nissan. In a press meet, the lawyer of Carlos Ghosn stated that no one had ever been taken back into custody after been released on bail. Furthermore, Ghosn said that all the accusations against him are groundless.

The Company has also made it clear that they will remove Ghosn as well as Kelly from the position of Board of Directors. Back in 2016, Ghosn was awarded prize and recognition for aligning Nissan and Renault together. In December 2018, Mr. Ghosn was arrested two times in which he was put under allegations of embezzling $5 million of Nissan funds. Back in January 2019, Mr. Carlos Ghosn was also charged with industrial espionage.

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