India’s Kalamsat, Microsat R Launched Into Orbit Successfully

India's Kalamsat, Microsat R Launched Into Orbit Successfully

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) opened its space campaign in style this year by putting its defense imaging satellite “Microsat R” and another nano-satellite “Kalamsat” into space successfully. The Microsat R belongs to Defense Research and Development Organization which has been perfectly injected into designated orbit by the polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV). The important aspect of this launch mission was the use of a new PSLV variant that switched fourth stage engine on and off a couple of times and use of this stage for putting Kalamsat in its orbital platform.

ISRO chairman Sivan staid that the new PSLV rocket is far more advanced than the previous ones as in its fourth stage aluminum tank has been used that was instrumental in launch of nano- satellite Kalamsat built by Space Kidz India. He insisted that Indian Space Agency is keen to help Indian students conduct experiments in space while ISRO would work for benefit of India. The blasting off of the rocket with a fiery orange tail that slowly gained speed as it shot up to the night skies enthralled the cheering audience. The most exciting aspect was when its fourth stage engine switched off within 13 minutes after launch.

Within a minute Microsat R ejected at altitude of 277 kms which is a 700 kg satellite built by DRDO. A senior official confirmed that due to increased demand for satellite from varied strategic sectors the department is planning to build six to seven satellites this year. Among the current satellites launched by ISRO recently both GSAT-7 and GSAT-7A are military communication satellites while others are for communication and earth observation that are used for both civilian and defense purposes. The Kalamsat developed by Space Kidz is a 10 cm cube shaped 1.2 kg communication satellite that cost around Rs. 12 lakhs to build and launch which has a lifespan of two months.

By Kimberly Dixon

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