Huawei Claims To Overtake Samsung In The Coming Year

Huawei Claims To Overtake Samsung In The Coming Year

Despite the fact that the tech-giant Huawei is facing some challenges, particularly in the United States, the company is still eying for the throne acquired currently by none other than Samsung. The company is expecting to dethrone the other to become the top smartphone seller in the entire world by the end of the coming year, as per the sources. The company has recently overtaken the tech-giant Apple, which happened in the second quarter of last year.

As per the statement given by the CEO of the consumer business of the company, named Richard Yu, it is expected that the company will be on top in this year only and if not, then certainly in the coming year, the feat will be achieved. The company has been in the news for many reasons in the recent past, for many things including setting a record by shipping as many as 200 million phones in the year 2018, mainly driven by the sales of the P20 phone along with some other models such as Honor10 and Mate20 as well, and this is remarkable.

But as far as the journey to the top is concerned, there are many obstacles in the path of the company which it needs to overcome if it wants to fulfill this dream to be number 1.  Recently, the CFO of the company, named Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada, at the request made by some of the US authorities.

Another employee of the company was recently arrested in Poland, and the reason for this arrest was the fact that the employee was actually spying for China, and the company later dismissed this particular staffer owing to all these allegations. Along with this, there were allegations regarding the secrets that are apparently stolen by the company from the tech-giant T-Mobile, thus making it worse.

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