Finally, Tesla Releases Model Y, A Crossover Model

Finally, Tesla Releases Model Y, A Crossover Model

While speaking to the press, one of the spokesperson of Tesla told the reporters that the company is about to launch its Y Model which is considered a crossover vehicle. According to the analysts, the Model Y will be more affordable in comparison to Model X. They further stated that the crossover in the car segment will be 10% higher than Model 3.

While speaking to the press, Dave Whitson said that in the US light weighted trucks comprise of 70% of total automobile sale. He further continued that crossover is most popular in America thus in the long run it will be a beneficial prospect for Tesla. Some investors had also shown their concern due to the increasing demand for electric cars. They stated that the present scenario will create a cut-throat environment for Tesla.

In a meet with his investors, CEO Elon Musk said that to decrease the production cost of Model 3, the company had closed most of the showrooms and now Tesla is selling the car through online mode. Crossovers are considered as the first choice of car enthusiasts as they have more leg space with a powerful engine. Crossovers are also considered as a great option for manufacturers as they are high in demand though the company is charging a high price.

During a press meet, Karl Brauer said that model Y could be manufactured in the easiest way possible. The Model Y will acquire more than 70% of its parts from Model 3, initially, Elon Musk wanted to use an individual platform for Model Y, but many executives of Tesla weren’t in favor of that.

While speaking to the press Mr. Brauer told the reporters that if Elon Musk won’t put winged doors on Model Y then the company will be able to make a smooth launch of its new car segment. Analysts have also stated that by the year 2020 the electronic car segment would be booming and companies have to undertake tough competition.

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