FB Has Applications That Tracks And Threatens Users 

FB Has Applications That Tracks And Threatens Users 

It has emerged that Facebook is using tracking applications to enhance security on its platform as it had emerged in the past that people have used it to bully, threaten and harass others. A former security employee of the platform revealed recently that during last year a user of Facebook made an open threat against it targeting one of the firm’s European offices. The threat was quickly traced by its tracking software and its user data was screened to discover his location which turned out to be in the same country where a Facebook office was located.

The firm immediately then informed local law authorities about imminent danger to its employees and office from the user and also asked its security officials to be on the lookout for the person. This incident shows that the social media networks closely guards the well-being of its employees and continuously mines its networks for direct and indirect threats aimed at its property and people. The firm also uses products to track location of people that it believes are likely to pose a threat to it. Though a few former employees have questioned its security strategy ethics several of them support it arguing that its management is justified for taking these steps in view of its reach.

The company presently has nearly 2.7 billion active users across the globe and even if just 0.01 percent of its users started making a threat to its employees it could mean that Facebook would have to deal with nearly 270000 potentially harmful people. There is a strong security team at Facebook’s premises for employee protection which uses standard measures and prefers to refer all threats to local law enforcement authorities. The firm is unique in its methods of using its own products to keep an eye out on its data to seek out threats of potential harm from dangerous individuals and groups.

By John Laura

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