Electric Vehicles Catch Cold In Freezing Temps

Electric Vehicles Catch Cold In Freezing Temps

Several electric vehicles caused problem as the winter storm made temperatures fall rapidly below zero in various parts in United States. Cars those were reported to have caused trouble include I-Pace, Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt. Timothy Grewe, driving Chevrolet Bolt EV said that during days in spring with a full charged battery and the temperature at 70, he can get up to 270 mileages. However, as the temperature slowed down to minus the mileages in the cars got automatically reduced. General Motors’ chief engineer at electric propulsion lab informed that his Detroit gave him only 170 mileages on a day with reduced temperature.

This is almost the same story for most of the electric vehicles. In few cases, range gauges showed a positive figure to begin with. However, soon after power was drawn in an alarming rate. For others, mileage was less from the very beginning. Henry Payne who has a Tesla Model 3 and is an automotive reviewer at The Detroit News said that he has observed 30% lesser mileage on colder days. Due to the mass of the polar vortex often the floor fell out reducing the mileages of sedan cars up to 50%. There are several technical reasons for the lesser range provided by battery cars in extreme temperatures. For summer while there is the reason to cool, in winter the cars need heat.

EPA rating said that Bolt used nearly 28 kilowatt hours of energy to go 100 miles in favorable condition. If the heater is fired up, an extra 5 kilowatt power can be achieved. Grewe said that cars these days prefer to be handled like people. They showed maximum efficiency around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, much like people. If the temperatures increase, batteries might get overheated. In lower temperatures, batteries get cooled down to function properly.

By John Laura

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