EE Customer Complained Of Stalking After The Data Breach

EE Customer Complained Of Stalking After The Data Breach

Data breach is a serious offense and recently EE came under the radar when a customer complained that her personal data was accessed by an employee of the firm without her due permission. Francesca Bonafede complained that she was stalked vehemently by her ex-partner but it didn’t seem to garner any serious response from the company due to which she had to involve police in the incident.

The sequence of events, as mentioned to BBC’s program, Victoria Derbyshire by Ms. Bonafede doesn’t hold EE in good lights. She said that she had filed a complaint with EE in February 2018 itself when she noticed that her phone had suddenly become functionless. She had to stay for 5 days without any signal after which she was informed that a person had visited a shop under EE and taken a Sim Card and then ported her account into it. When she asked about the address of the person, she was surprised to learn that it belonged to her ex-partner. The implications of it were pretty serious as he had access to a number of volatile information because of this breach. Despite all this, EE still didn’t give enough importance to the matter which baffled Ms. Bonafede.

 Ms. Bonafede is not very sure why her ex-partner took this step but she is guessing that it has something to do with certain official documents which she had access to. In fact, she was being harassed repeatedly by him through texts and calls for some time now, with him making an unceremonious visit to her new address as well. She couldn’t figure out how he got her new address but now things seem to be clearer. When she went to the police and registered a complaint, the police kept asking about EE’s involvement to which she replied in the negative.

She had to resort to public tweeting in order to get the company’s attention but the harassment that she had to go through while missing hours at work was really uncalled for. The ex-partner was arrested on harassment charges and was left after issuing warnings. EE has issued an apology to Ms. Bonafede as well and accepted that they should have kept her in the loop.

By John Laura

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