Content Creators Shift Their Focus To YouTube

Content Creators Shift Their Focus To YouTube

The upcoming generation moving towards adulthood, generation Z, is not merely about shunning the print media, they are completely letting go of the old media format altogether. The oldest age group of this generation is about 22, has grown up with the hand held internet system and the social media. They are not from a time when these technologies did not exist. This fact makes their information intake capacity more aggressive than their predecessor generation, the millennials. Generation Z has completely abandoned viewing television, picking other digital contents on laptops, phones and tablets. This has forced content producers to shift to the comfort zone of this generation, YouTube.

CEO of Crypt TV, Jack Davis says that the Gen Z is an endemic user of the internet. They have grown with the internet, forcing them to look beyond now. This sudden shift from traditional media usage is not merely unjustified. Davis had founded Crypt TV in 2015. This organization mainly distributes Monster-oriented IP to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Crypt stared its business with Facebook where they gained about 12 million followers. The count for YouTube goes as high as 2.2 million subscribers. This has increased the views on Crypt TV drastically to 258 million.

Davis says that the younger generation is mainly found on the social media. An average Gen Z member spends approximately 3.4 hours every day watching content on the social media. This was published in a report back in January. This generation considers YouTube as its favorite destination for entertainment, leaving Facebook and Instagram close back to follow. Crypt TV mainly focuses on age groups from 13 to 25. This gave them a fairly large Gen Z viewership. In an interview Davis mentioned that they wish to be like the Marvel of Monsters. This kind of a relationship with the Gen Z makes it all the more necessary for the organization to study the behavior of their customers closely.

By John Laura

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