Consuming Too Much Soda Likely To Aggravate MS Symptoms

Consuming Too Much Soda Likely To Aggravate MS Symptoms

According to a new study conducted by scientists, people who consume much of carbonated or soft drinks per day are more prone to multiple sclerosis. Dr. Elisa Meier Gerdingh has advised people to cut their daily consumption of such drinks as they are harmful to their health.

While speaking to the press, Dr. Elisa said that even though the study needs to be conducted on a large platform, but it would be in favor of the people if they stop consuming such drinks. Dr. Elisa also said that soft drinks have hollow calories and thus it would be wise for people to cut their consumption.

The team lead by Dr. Elisa has to showcase the results of the study at the American Academy of Neurology meet to be conducted in Philadelphia, in the month of May 2019. Furthermore, a team of German scientists has also conducted a survey of 135 patients of Multiple Sclerosis. They had measured their disability due to the disease which they had measured ranging from 0 to 10. The scientists found a connecting link between soft drinks and Multiple Sclerosis.

Patients, who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and consume more than 2 cans of soft drinks per day, tend to be highly prone to Multiple Sclerosis. The team of researchers found a direct link to Multiple Sclerosis and consumption of coffee, tea, flavored, carbonated and soft drinks.

While speaking to the press, Dr. AsaffHarel stated that the scientists need to do thorough research in context to Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Harel is a neurologist at Lenox Hospital in New York. However, Dr. Harel stated that people should not consume sugary drinks as they have no nutritional value to a patient. Scientists and researchers also considered the present findings just as a preliminary step until or unless it’s been published in a well-recognized health journal.

By Tracie Sellers

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