Clinics Struggle To Meet The Vaccine Demand As Measles Cases Continue To Rise

Clinics in Washington County are trying hard to keep up the increasing demand for measles vaccine which has caused more than 50 different illnesses and spread contagious virus this year. State Health Department said that in Clark County, the demand for measles vaccine has gone up to 500% more that what was required this time last year. From 530 doses the required number of vaccine this year is 3150 and the clinics are facing difficulties providing vaccine to this huge population.

Nurse at Sea Mar Community Health Center, Virginia Ramos mentioned that during outbreaks people get afraid and run to get vaccinations. Otherwise, many are hesitant towards getting vaccines. Number of vaccinations at their center is available and therefore they are saved. Vancouver Clinic that serves emergency care centers and medical offices in the region told that the number of vaccines given in January 2018 was 263 and the number has increased to 1444 in January 2019. The figures are ever-increasing. The huge demand has been created due to lack of consciousness among people for timely vaccinations. In the year 2017-18, only 76.5% kindergarten students were vaccinated. No wonder that the region saw a massive outbreak. Throughout Washington, number of vaccinations has suddenly increased up to 30% this year in January. From 12140 in January 2018, doses given this year is 15780.

Vaccines given this year would protect against MMR, MMR-V, rubella and mumps. It also protects against varicella-zoster virus which is known to cause chicken pox. It takes 72 hours for the vaccine to start functioning. But all this demand has been caused due to an outbreak. Health officials hoped that people should have been a little careful from beforehand and take regular vaccines. Since January 1, 2019, 50 patients have been confirmed with measles till now and 11 more pending cases are yet to be confirmed.

By Tracie Sellers

Tracie Sellers leads the editorial team and has practical experience in medical equipment and technology. She is one of the dynamic people within the editorial team and works independently in all health sectors involved. Tracie is super focused on health and starts her day covering many wellness activities.