Chinese Companies Sued By Facebook For Selling Fake Accounts

Chinese Companies Sued By Facebook For Selling Fake Accounts

Chinese companies have been sued by Facebook for selling fake Instagram and Facebook accounts, breach of contract, alleging trademark infringement, and related offenses. The news was announced recently by the company, calling it one more step in our ongoing efforts to protect people on Instagram and Facebook. As per the sources, for Facebook it is an unusual move, which says millions of fake accounts have purged every single day. Names of four companies and 3 people have been given by the lawsuit, which are based in the towns of Shenzhen and Longyan.

A variety of software and hardware services are offered by these companies comprising of fake accounts for Instagram and Facebook as well as additional platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, as per the complaint Advertise services were also alleged by them, which were designated to rise comments, likes, friends and other activities. Several website names were included in the complaint, where all seem to be offline, but according to TechCrunch, when the lawsuit was filed, they were generally functional on March 1st. Trademark of Facebook was improperly used by these companies and laws of cybersquatting was violated with puzzlingly web addresses like, and, as per Facebook.

So, Facebook is asking to ban the companies to the court from creating fake accounts and misleading sites and to reward Facebook with all of the made profits from these accounts, additionally 100,000 billion dollars to be paid by each fake account for infringing domain designation. For Facebook, fake accounts are a perennial problem. According to the complaint, around 2.1 billion fake accounts were disabled by Instagram and Facebook among the month of January and September 2018. Facebook said in a statement that, by filing the lawsuit, they hope to emphasize that this type of fraudulent action will not be tolerated.

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