Boeing’s 737 MAX Back In Limelight Following 2nd Deadly Crash

Boeing's 737 MAX Back In Limelight Following 2nd Deadly Crash

The recent edition of Boeing Co’s popular 737 family, a worldwide sector workhorse, once again has been forced to be into the limelight following a deadly crash in Ethiopia. It is said to be just a few months following a deadly crash that involved an alike new jet in Indonesia.

A Boeing 737 MAX 8 run by Ethiopian Airlines stopped working just minutes following launch from Addis Adaba. This miss event led to the killing of all 157 people on board. In October 2018, a comparable model flown by Lion Air as well crashed off the coast of Indonesia. It killed all 189 individuals on board. Still, there are unanswered questions about the reasons for the Lion Air crash. Officials as well as safety experts proclaimed that it was too early to draw connections with the Ethiopian unpleasant incident. Boeing was not available to respond to questions regarding the 737 MAX 8 last week.

On a similar note, Boeing came into the news as it revealed it is in the process of getting ready for its upcoming commercial jet. The latest midrange aircraft (NMA) is scheduled to be dubbed as the B797. With the authorized launch supposed to be at the Paris Air Show, it is time for Boeing to begin looking for possible clients.

This is where Delta comes into the story. The airline has numerous old aircraft. It includes B757s as well as B767. In a world where competence is becoming the go-to decision maker, these aircraft are supposed to get retired in the upcoming period of about 10 Years. Reportedly, Delta is paying attention in changing these aircraft with the B797. A 797 project from Boeing has not yet even been rolled out officially. Reportedly, a lot of work is done on the aircraft.

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