Astronomers On Lookout For Massive Magnetars

Astronomers On Lookout For Massive Magnetars

Magnetars are often considered as imaginary. The Magnetars description makes it impossible to believe that these can exist in the universe. Magnetars are often defined as large mass (even more than that of the sun) which can easily get squeezed into the space. Magnetars are almost the size of small midwestern towns. These space objects are sometimes known to spin faster than even a blender.

Magnetars are considered to be like pulsars. These are dead remains of big stars. When a star is almost at the end of its life, the complete weight of the star falls inside. There is no resistance and there is no nuclear fire seen at the core of the dead star at that time. In next few minutes, there is no equilibrium left. It is the main reason which keeps the stars alive for eons. The immense pressure gradually squeezes the core of the star, converts all the protons into neutrons and thus forms a pulsating in the process. The Magnetars is more like a stellar cinder. It is not regulated with the physics of heat and radiation but with the pressure of quantum degeneracy. This is the simple case in which the neutrons refuse to enter the same position.

Now coming to the name Magnetars, It refers to freshly forged pulsars. While almost all the Magnetars are made of neutrons, some contain protons and electrons in the crucible. These space objects rotate around the rest of the stellar object. These move in super fast speed and create strong magnetic fields. This strength is almost trillion to quadrillion times stronger than earth’s magnetic field. Magnetars just do not emit electro- magnetic radiations but sometimes even special radio waves. The radiation in turn takes off energy from the pulsar, gradually slows it and then shuts off the magnetic field.

By John Laura

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