Amazon Teams Up With Volkswagen For Developing Cloud Computing

Amazon Teams Up With Volkswagen For Developing Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services which is a major player in the cloud business has added Volkswagen to its list of premium customers. The new partnership with Volkswagen will be a win-win situation for both. The cloud business segment has definitely become a cash cow for the company since its start 14 years ago with other corporate heavy weights like Pfizer, Airbnb, Comcast and US government included in the list of its customers.

The project aims to increase the productivity of Volkswagen and make it more competitive in the upcoming era of electric vehicles. It would involve integration of data from all 122 Volkswagen factories across the globe. This in turn would lead to integration of the automaker’s complete global supply chain comprising partners based at 30,000 plus locations and 1500 suppliers. Efficiency can be introduced through decreasing waste, making adjustments for delivery times, recognizing production gaps and so on.

The cloud project according to Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services would revolutionize Volkswagen’s production and logistics systems. A team of data scientists and developers would be stationed at the company to work on the project. The deal value is however, not being disclosed.

Volkswagen had resorted to the cloud earlier in an important deal with Microsoft. The project involved development of an ‘Automotive Cloud’ for integration of third party apps into its automobiles. Drivers can enjoy listening to identical music heard at home, look up the appointment calendar, make payment for parking or connect with people on the phone.

Volkswagen has targeted for a goal of hiking its production efficiency by 30% worldwide by 2025. Will Amazon Web Services achieve success in leading Volkswagen towards its goal? Only time will tell! But with one third of the cloud market worldwide being held by Amazon Web Services, nothing is too difficult for the company.

By John Laura

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