Amazon Received 850,000 Job Applications In A Month Post Announcement

Amazon Received 850,000 Job Applications In A Month Post Announcement

The people are apparently interested in working at the warehouses of Amazon and the Whole Food Stores within a week after the announcement of this tech giant which came up with the new 15 dollar minimum wage scheme for all the workers across the United States. As the part of Amazon’s Q4 earnings on Thursday, the company said that around 850k people have applied for working with Amazon for this hourly position in United States in the month of October, followed by the announcement of minimum wages. This is going to double the record of applications received by Amazon within a month, says the company.

The increase in wage came after many months of disapproval and incriminating media reports which has reported harsh working condition in the Amazon warehouses. Bernie Sanders of the United State, who has criticized the company for such working conditions, who has admired the move & encouraged the other companies for following lawsuit. The latest minimum wage has been started from 1st November, while Amazon has pledged to persuade Congress to raise the minimum wage. But, the excitement for increase in wage was not positive at all for the workers of Amazon because the company has announced its plans to discontinue the stock options as well as their monthly bonuses of warehouse workers while the minimum increase in wage was going on.

Adding to the increase in wages for its US workers, it has also increased the pay of its UK workers to about £10.50 for London as well as £9.50 in the region outside London. The company said that the increase in wages is going to benefit about 250000 workers across the United States, 17000 employees across United Kingdom as well as around 200000 workers who were appointed for the seasonal work during holiday seasons.

By George Montgomery

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