2020 Mars Helicopter Likely To Expand New Horizons In The Space

2020 Mars Helicopter Likely To Expand New Horizons In The Space

Once there is access received to Martian air, the world of aliens would lay to be explored by humans. A helicopter, autonomous in nature, is scheduled to fly along with Mars 2020 rover mission of NASA. The helicopter has been dated to launch during July 2020 and land on Mars on February 2021. If the mission on Martian atmosphere becomes a success, it would be an extremely innovative scientific exploration. Robotic exploration of earth would get a new break which are at the moment confined to the either the outlines or the dark realms of alien worlds. Chief of flight control as well as aerodynamics for the venture of Mars Helicopter, Havard Grip mentioned that they visualize the helicopters opening new arenas of exploration on the Red Planet.

Grip who works at California Institute of Technology and Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA also said that a day in future would come when even more developed versions would pose as scouts for the rovers or they might be exploring Mars by themselves. In future, there might be several small helicopters that would separately explore regional areas, some would venture into sensitive areas of the planet or far more inaccessible areas.

The weight of Mars helicopter is 4 lbs. and the size would be that of a softball. It would carry a series of avionics and communication gear, a small sized solar panel, lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable, a navigation camera and most importantly emergency heaters that would keep electronics heated up on cold Martian nights. There would be no science instruments inside the helicopter. However, a color image of high resolution would be fitted on the outer side. Grip said that it is used to send spatial pictures back to earth. Scientists are very excited at their end to work this new project.

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