12 Kids Exposed Candy Laced With Marijuana

12 Kids Exposed Candy Laced With Marijuana

Above 12 students from an elementary school at Cleveland had to be admitted in hospital because of having gummy candy which police confirmed had marijuana. Recently, a teacher’s assistant from the school found the candies in the room which had children. Immediately she noticed writing on the packet which said the candies had drugs in them. The school then summoned the nearest emergency medical center and police department as well.

Cleveland Police arrested mother of a student named Shari Gould due to a suspense that she was trying to endanger small kids. The candies were then brought to Anton Grdina elementary school. According to the police report, candies were distributed to 12 other students. There were about 15 children between the age group 5 and 9. They were made to take tests for drugs. Later, a media relations strategist Katelyn McCarthy said the children were released from Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. She also mentioned a few students to have said about stomach ache.

One of the children when tested was found to have tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC) in her body. This is a chemical often found in marijuana which affects the mind. The police took this as an example and said this is what happens due to sudden exposure to marijuana or other harmful drugs. In young kids, this could have led to more serious consequences.

Toxicologist and Child Specialist at Children’s hospital Colorado, Dr Sam Wang said that marijuana edibles can pose serious threat. They are quite attractive and pleasing to the taste of children but also contain dangerous amounts of THC. Young children might get symptoms like dizziness, extreme sleepiness and in extreme cases impaired breathing.

A paper in a journal called Clinical Pediatrics came with a study which showed the number of children exposed to marijuana was twice in 2017 as compared to 2016. Wang later stated that this might be the result of legalization of marijuana.

By Tracie Sellers

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