1000s Stranded As Turkmenistan Airlines Gets Grounded Over Safety Concerns

1000s Stranded As Turkmenistan Airlines Gets Grounded Over Safety Concerns

 There seem to be fresh reasons for people traveling using Turkmenistan Airlines as the air regulators have grounded flights on the basis of safety reasons which has perpetually left 1000s of passengers stranded as they had already booked tickets with the airlines.

According to the reports of UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, flights from the London Heathrow Airport and Birmingham to New Delhi and Amritsar that goes via Ashgabat in Turkmenistan are the ones that have been given the cut. This decision was primarily taken by CAA after being intimidated by European Aviation Safety Agency who have not given any confirmation yet that it binds to all the safety protocols and international standards that has been set. The implication of this decision is that flights that connect UK and Delhi and Amritsar and fly towards or away from the airports are temporarily suspended.

This news may not be welcoming for the 1000s of the Punjabi British population who have been using the Turkish Airlines regularly to get to India at a budget price. Turkish Airlines was set up way back in 1992 under the Soviet Union and has been functioning seamlessly until now. People will have to look for alternative routes through Paris or Frankfurt now.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have reported that people looking to fly in these particular routes need to find other options like Air India, Jet Airways, and British Airways which conform to the regulations adequately. Someone who has already booked the tickets under Turkish Airlines can ask for refunds from their card service providers. In case the booking is beyond £100 and has been paid using a credit card, they are entitled to refunds according to the Consumer Credit Act formulated in 1974.

If the payment is done using a debit card, the card company has to rely on getting the money back from the airlines before redirecting it to the customer. If an agent was used for the booking, then the money will be refunded through that forum itself. However, there has been no intimidation about refunds by Turkish Airlines yet. On the other hand, provisions for bookings are still available for them.

By George Montgomery

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